You Have To Make a Mess To Be Craftastic!

Welcome to My Focused Passion.... SQUIRREL!

Welcome to My Focused Passion.... SQUIRREL!

Welcome to My Focused Passion.... SQUIRREL!Welcome to My Focused Passion.... SQUIRREL!

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Hi! I’m Karen. Thanks for stopping by the “farm.” I use that term as I live in an urban neighborhood, but on almost a half acre, just short of my dream of a few acres. I have no farm animals unless you count two ditsy Doodles and one metro-sexual cat. However, I do have a vision, lots of ambition and energy, and a taste for good, healthy food. Okay, also chocolate and cookies, not necessarily in that order.

The Journey

I came from corporate, graduated to non-profit, went back to the school of hard knocks and got my Masters in Communication, all so I could dig in the dirt, grow stuff, quilt, can and teach kids where their food comes from. Sneeriously, I have a “day job” but someday this here is what I will do full time! 

Who am I (or The Burning Question)

I love my family, my friends, my furkids and others who want to grow, be green and be more self sufficient. I workout like a freak, freak out at mean people, like dogs more than some people, hate meanness, mean what I say and most importantly, say what I meanI 

Now What?

Well ... I quilt, grow, create, seek opportunity and never act my age! I hope you will join me on this journey of scattered passion or at least pop in once in a blue moon to see the next adventure on Freckles & Fat Quarter Farm. 

FAQ's - There is never a stupid Question

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